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GXtest is the ideal solution for automated functional testing of Web applications developed with GeneXus. GXtest can easily automate test cases that then evolve together with the application without making the testing a bottleneck at the time to release to the customers.

GXtest includes three separate products:

  • GXtest Designer
  • GXtest Recorder
  • GXtest Manager



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The solution has the following main components, the Desinger is where the tester works every day modeling test cases, the Recorder is the utility for recording user actions and the Manager is the component that centralizes project, test cases, reports, etc..

GXtest Designer

GXtest Designer is a single-user tool developed on Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0, which allows the modeling of test cases to automate. This model consists of an oriented-graph in which the nodes represent the pages of the application and the edges represent the events that make you navigate from one page to another.

This model offers the possibility of data-driven testing (data-driven Automatization) through the concept of Datapool in which you can declare different data sources which can then be used in the model.

They also can take values returned by the application to be used in other steps of the test case through the concept of variables. In short, the focus of GXtest Designer is to model test cases and refine these models to reflect the test case you want to automate. That is why each tester who want to perform automation have to have GXtest Designer.

GXtest Recorder

This tool is a complement of Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9 and 10) approach that allows recording and playback (record and playback) for the automation of test cases.

GXtest Recorder can work in two modes:

  • On-line: from GXtest Designer you have to indicate that you want to start recording a new test case and then GXtest opens a new instance of the browser that allows you to execute the test case he wants to automate (including validations and use of variables). When the user terminates the test case and closes the browser, GXtest Designer generates the model of the test case.
  • Off-line: This mode also allows you to execute actions in the browser that express a test case but the difference with the previous one is that it works without GXtest Designer, creating a zip file that at a later stage should be imported into GXtest Designer.

GXtest Manager

GXtest Manager is a web application (developed with GeneXus) that allows you to creat suites of execution with the test cases created in Designer GXtest. Then, a suite can be scheduled for execution in different environments. For example, if the system under test can be generated in .NET with SQL Server and Java with MySQL, then you can generate a suite of automated test cases run in both environments every night at a certain time.

It also enables notification of the results via e-mails to the different stakeholders. Also, you will find the results stored in the database and then you can make reports based on them.

GXtest Manager can distribute the execution of various tests using a subcomponent called GXtest Executor. This is actually the component who runs the scheduled tests. The tests are executed on the Web browser installed on the machine where you run the GXtest Executor, so this component is not only useful to distribute the execution, but also it gives the possibility of scheduling tests with different versions of the browser.

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