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How to edit the GXtest Daemon configuration?

After installed, the configuration could be edited in the file GXtestDaemon.exe.config, located in the installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\Abstracta\GXtest Daemon).

This file has two connection data, pointing by default to the database server where GXtest Manager was installed.

How to edit the GXtest Manager configuration?

The main options are under the "Options" item in the "Configuration" menu.
There you can configure:

  • SMTP server used to let GXtest Manager sends e-mails notifications after every execution.
  • Logging, for debugging propouses when it is needed (it is suggested to let it unabled).

See also here.

Can I execute two simultaneous tasks?

You can do that executing simultaniously in two different Executors. Each one can execute one task at a time, if a test tries to start when another is running, it has to wait until the one running finishes.

How can I configure the URLhome variable?

In GXtest Designer you can parametrize the initial URL using URLhome variable. This variable is set by the Manager according with the configuration in the Environments.

Where can I find Executor logs?

Contextual menu over GXtest Executor icon (in the Windows Tray), go to "Logs", and then click "Show Logs".

What do I need to do to have another Executor working?

Firstly, you need to install this component in the machine where you want to execute your tests. Then, in GXtest Manager you need to set the Executor configuration (IP, port, etc.). See here).