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In GXtest Manager menu "Suites & Test Cases", click on the option "Suites".

There the created Suites are displayed, and clicking GXTMbtn add.png opens the form to add a new Suite.

Create a Suite with the name "ExampleSuite" and with the description that you want.

You should notice that the current user was associated as an owner in the new suite, which will receive notifications by email with the results every time you run this suite at any Task.


Any Suite has associated an ordered set of Test Cases (the order is optional), which have a number of times to run each one.

Set the followin test cases and values int the new suite, considering the order

  • ViewClient to be executed 1 time
  • ViewClientWithDecision to be executed 10 time
  • DuplicatedClient to be executed 5 time

After that, you should see something like this:


Then, each test case will run in the order listed and the number of times indicated.

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