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The objective of GXtest Designer is to easily model a Test Case and do the same for application made with GeneXus on different platforms and with different versions of GeneXus.

Test Cases are modeled on an as a diagram made up of a cluster of Nodes and Edge Lines, where the nodes represent the pages of an application and the edge lines represent the events that happen going from one Page to another. These elements (pages and events) can have commands associated with them. There are three types of commands: actions, validations and events. The three types are explained in more detail in the Commands section. In addition, you can include embedded Test Cases in a model to create modules that can be reused.

You can also include Decision nodes that choose which action to be taken depending on the result of a Validation. All of these concepts will be explained in more detail in the manual.


1. GXtest Designer GUI

2. Login / Connections

3. GXtest Projects

4. GXtest and the GeneXus KB

5. Test Cases

6. GXtest Commands

7. Using Datapools

8. Shared workspaces